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Reduce wear and tear, and produce superior polishing results with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Conditioning Kit, featuring a Polishing Pad Conditioner and Foam Pad Cleaning Brush to lubricate your foam pads.
Use This Kit To:
  • Prime polishing pads for superior results
  • Add lubrication to extend polish work time
  • Reduces compound dusting and residue
  • Works on all foam, microfiber, and wool pads
  • Make your pads last and last
Reduces Friction

Machine polishing is the fine detailing art that balances machine power, abrasives, and friction to remove swirls and scratches, and restore luster to paint. Dry buffing pads generate excess heat and cause marring and other inconsistent paint removal marks. Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Conditioner lubricates buffing pads and polish abrasives to extend work time, reduce marring marks, and reduce the chances of burning paintwork from excess pad friction.

Pad Cleaning Brush

The Pad Cleaning Brush is great for powerful cleaning on foam, microfiber, and wool buffing and polishing pads. The durable brush is contoured to the human hand for comfortable ergonomics, powerful cleaning, and low fatigue with extended scrubbing. The abrasion-resistant handle is cast from durable injection-molded plastic, and lasts for years of rugged detailing use.
  • Applicable Materials: Foam Pads Wool Pads Microfiber Pads
  • Applicable Locations: Polishing Pads
  • Weight: 0.3 lbs